The key to success for any company is to be more effective than the competition in determining and satisfying the needs of target markets. Good strategic planning includes integrating all marketing activities to ensure that you know:

  • Exactly what your market wants
  • How your product will fit into customers’ development cycles
  • How to position your company within the market and against the competition
  • How to most effectively reach customers
  • How to maintain awareness within your customer base and the market

Cayenne helps you create and integrate marketing strategies and plans that produce measurable results. Because we combine big-agency thinking with smaller agency flexibility, responsiveness, and personal contact with senior staff, we can work hand in hand with you to define and meet your goals.

Cayenne is a powerful creative and strategic force for high-technology marketing. Our knowledge and experience have helped clients grow, go public, become acquired, and acquire other companies. Everything we do for you is integrated with your entire business and marketing structure.

Public Relations

Public relations is a process, not an event, and requires the regular dissemination of information to maintain company visibility within the editorial community and through social media that is the primary means of reaching target audiences. Focused on reaching all audiences – from customer executive management to potential new employees – with the right message at the right time, Cayenne can:

  • Plan and execute company and product launches and other corporate announcements to create a consistent flow of information
  • Conduct “soft-sounding” audits to determine current knowledge of the company
  • Manage the news release process, including ensuring that the releases are search-engine optimized
  • Organize press tours and other events
  • Create press materials
  • Develop a social media plan that communicates your company announcements to your target audience
  • Maintain regular contact with editors of key trade and business publications, industry analysts and bloggers to ensure their on-going exposure to the company name, products, messages, etc.
  • Manage the writing and placement process of technical articles, success stories, case studies, opinion pieces and other articles
  • Research, plan and manage speaking engagements and panel participation

Strategic Marketing Planning

A strategic marketing plan sets your marketing goals and defines how the various marketing functions work together for your company’s success. We can help you ensure that your marketing plan sets clear goals for, and integrates with, sales, product management, communications, business development, advertising, etc. Cayenne will work with you to:

  • Outline what a strategic marketing plan needs
  • Define differentiators
  • Set realistic goals and positioning
  • Plan marketing goals and strategies, always remembering that today’s business environment is truly global in nature
  • Identify key audiences
  • Plan marketing programs and messaging
  • Develop communication plan and tactics based on marketing objectives
  • Identify appropriate tools for executing the tactics, from media relations to advertising including;  Webcasts, Webinars, podcasts, educasts and social media planning.
  • Execute the plan

Content Creation

Content creation translates technical ideas into a story that your audience will understand. To start, it is imperative to understand one's audience and writing purpose.  Cayenne starts by working with clients to determine what format is required- whitepaper, success story, technical backgrounder, etc. then our writers go to work with the client to craft their story.

  • Determine opportunities to promote the story
  • Define technical direction and focus of the piece being written
  • Interview in-house staff and/or customers to gather information
  • Write and edit articles, case studies, design briefs, product literature, whitepapers, technical presentations and website content.
  • Manage placement of the final pieces
  • Consider content - scaling strategies

Blogger and Media Relations

Bloggers and editors, if they understand your messaging and are kept up to date on your activities, will extend your reach and reinforce your positioning. Cayenne can help you:

  • Identify the editors and bloggers most relevant to your goals
  • Maintain regular contact to convey your key messaging and identify opportunities for articles, blog posts or comments, opinion pieces and interviews
  • Serve as a point of contact and a filter to expedite answers to questions and requests for information
  • Conduct training to prepare company executives and other spokespersons to deal with the media

Tradeshows and Events

Cayenne approaches each tradeshow and event strategically and executes seamlessly while keeping track of the event’s key objectives. Our approach relieves clients of the infinite details and ensures that tradeshows and/or events go off without a hitch. We can:

  • Plan measurable event objectives
  • Define themes and key messages — working with clients to develop a theme that contributes to corporate identity and builds presence in the market
  • Develop a budget
  • Develop promotional plans — working with clients to develop the best methods, drawing from an assortment of successful tactics
  • Manage logistics — including every detail from pre-show to on-site support
  • Oversee booth property and creative development

Social Media Outreach

Cayenne works with clients to turn communication into an interactive dialogue through multiple social media outreach techniques. Social media takes on many different forms outside of the typical applications including online publications, forums, social blogs, wikis, podcasts, and webinars.

We use various social media networks to develop a campaign to communicate your message:

  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin - develop message campaigns to drive interaction
  • YouTube - utilize video to educate your audience
  • Blogs - writing, messaging and promotion of blogs for interaction
  • Newsletters and email blasts - distribute key messages to your target audience
  • Webcasts - develop and promote to educate and drive traffic to you website and gain prospects for your product offering

Advertising and Direct Marketing

Cayenne can work with you to create an overall advertising and/or direct marketing plan, or help you with advertising on a project basis. We:

  • Develop identity or promotion advertisements – electronic or print
  • Identify best placement options
  • Work with vendors to develop measurement programs
  • Negotiate pricing and placement with media
  • Manage the placement and development process
  • Develop and coordinate direct marketing programs

Online Branding and Web Presence

Having a strong online presence demonstrates and communicates to current and potential customers your company image, your product offerings, your credibility and your technical expertise. Your online presence is also very often the first point of contact for the media, and editors and bloggers doing research or fact-checking may view the site at any time, so all online content must be both accurate and up-to-date. Cayenne supports its high-tech clients in developing a professional online presence whether that be social media or company website that communicates the companies’ brands and ensures consistent messaging with other communication vehicles. Cayenne can help you:

  • Design initial sites or redesign existing sites

  • Review content for consistency and impact

  • Develop web site content

  • Outline your site architecture

  • Perform ongoing site maintenance

Perception Audits – Measure Your Communication

A perception audit is a survey done of a relevant audience to answer a strategic need. It is useful to see how your target market or customer base currently perceives your company, existing product line, positioning within the market and against competition, or messaging. Results can be used as a base line to build future marketing programs or change current programs. A perception audit is useful tool to set measurable goals for your marketing and PR programs. Cayenne works with you to:

  • Develop a questionnaire
  • Identify individuals and organizations to be surveyed (customers, industry leaders, etc.)
  • Perform telephone and in-person interviews
  • Summarize the results
  • Analyze and present results
  • Suggest next steps for marketing and public relation programs based on audit report