Forget Summer Reading: Must-subscribe Podcasts for Marketers

It’s a golden age of content creation, without a doubt. And podcasts — that niche little medium we all thought was reserved for a few true content nerds— is coming into its own in a big way.

Part of this is thanks to entertainment podcasts that have been hugely successful in the past few years — Serial, Criminal and so on. But the information-sharing shows that have made up the vast majority of podcasts since the medium began are so much more sophisticated and useful now.

So, put down that summer read for now and pop in your earbuds.  Here are five podcasts I think every communicator and marketer should subscribe to.

Freakonomics Radio  

Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt wrote a best-selling book, Freakonomics, that explored unexplored areas of economics and unintended consequences of great ideas. This podcast is an extension of that, and if you’re getting great inspiration from it, you’ll be incredibly entertained.


Much of marketing these days is content creation and content marketing, which are fancy ways of saying storytelling. is site sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh’s writing program that highlights and explores great long-form writing. These are great interviews with amazing reporters and writers who talk about the craft of creating, reporting, editing and dealing with people. Marketing and communications folks can take away a lot of valuable tips to use in their work from this podcast.

TED Radio Hour

We all know the famous TED Talks and their inspirational, insightful (and sometimes just plain emotional) mini-lectures about… well about almost everything. This is the audio version, which grabs the best of the best and packages it up into useful topics (success, for instance).

PNR: This Old Marketing

I’m just getting into this. Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose from the Content Marketing Institute give regular insights on content creation, inspiration, and, maybe most important, what lessons we can learn from old-school marketing techniques in the digital age. Marketing changes fast in the digital age and this is a great way to stay on top of things.

HBR IdeaCast

The Harvard Business Review’s audio production is an amazing place to get insights and inspiration from entrepreneurs. It’s been invaluable in helping me learn about new markets and technologies and even rethink some of my own business approaches.

So spend some of your summer holiday or your commute to the office listening to some of these podcasts. The best part is that you can enjoy the experience while in the car or train – another multitasking activity for the marketer who is the master of multitasking.