Publicity On Slow Days

Let’s face it: Companies launch a few products or have just a few big announcements each year, if that.  How are they supposed to generate buzz and interest the rest of the time?

Here are four ideas you can leverage to keep the interest level for your company humming throughout the year.

1. Look at the calendar. Oftentimes, holidays are an excellent touch point to create and distribute content relevant to your products and technology. Big trade shows, such as Consumer Electronics Show (even if you’re not attending) can be opportunities to reach out to media beforehand to help them with their event previews.

2. Take advantage of breaking national news. Some call this “newsjacking” but I like to call it being in the right place at the right time. A big national story is covered by hundreds of outlets, but the media is always looking for differentiated stories. Did a storm knock out power to a million people? If you’ve got battery technology or back-up power products, you have a perfect opportunity to tell a timely story. Warning: Steer clear of major stories involving tragedy.

3. Be a useful and consistent source of information. The media (and readers in general) are always hungry for new information. If you come across any number of reports that are published on any given industry each year, share them. Bring them to reporters’ attention or blog about the on your site.

4. Go to the well. If you’re in the technology business, your company or clients have brilliant people working for them. Take time to get to know the domain experts and talk to them regularly about technology and product trends with an eye toward creating content or pitching stories to the media. These off-product-launch opportunities can be catnip to reporters. And if you’re blogging about for your own audience, it helps build the authenticity of your company’s voice as you share useful information.