Creating awareness for your company and products

Why do you want to create and maintain awareness? So that your company or product comes to mind when people have a problem that you can solve for them. Having your logo plastered everywhere won’t help if they don’t know what you do or how well you do it. Here’s a quick outline of what you need to consider:

·        Realize that building and maintaining awareness is a constant process, not a one-shot deal.

·        Set goals for your awareness-building program – e.g., educate the market about what your company does, educate the market about the advantages of your product over previous solutions or competitive solutions, generate interest about your solution in a new market segment…

·        Agree on the key message you want to convey and no more than three supporting messages. (Often the most time-consuming part of the process.)

·        Plan how you want to reach your audience – e.g., user forums, blog posts, technical articles, interviews with top executives, webinars, tutorials, exhibiting at conferences, speaking at conferences…

·        Plan how often you want to reach your audience, considering bandwidth restraints within the company.

·        Decide how you will measure results – e.g., increased number of followers on LinkedIn company page, more readers spending longer on your website, higher registration for webinars, more followers on Twitter.

Remember that, since there is no specific call to action, results will build slowly. As well as increased followers, etc., you are likely to see more comments posted when you blog or are mentioned in articles, an increased response rate to ads and direct marketing, more traffic at conferences, and better response to Sales’ cold calls.